10 Week Group

Mindful Eating for Life - 10 Week Group

Mindful Eating for Life is about changing your relationship to food, yourself and your body. It’s not a diet that you “go on” and then “fall off”. It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain – for Life!

A diet is about what food you eat, how much food you eat and how often you eat it.  Mindful Eating for Life is about how you eat and how you treat yourself, especially when you are less than perfect. It provides a path to being able to trust yourself around food.

Emerging research shows that mindful eaters lose weight.  Weight loss might be the outcome, but it is not the goal.  The goal is to learn the most effective skills through your own experience to change not only your relationship with food, but to learn to care for yourself.

Those who struggle with eating have a Harsh Inner Critic that always has a negative perspective on whatever you put into your mouth.  Rather than inspiring you to do better, it tends to set you up for the next compulsive eating event.  It is much better to learn to hold yourself with kindness and self-compassion when you make a mistake.

You will learn about all the hungers you experience. You will learn to spot the conditioned behaviors you have developed around eating and then be able to use skillful methods to deal with them.

Mindful Eating

You will re-learn the innate cues for hunger and fullness that we were all born with so that you will comfortably be capable of waiting until you are truly hungry for food before you begin to eat and then to stop eating when your body has had enough.

Mindfulness training will allow you to go off of auto-pilot when you eat.  As a result you will begin to really be present, savoring each bite.  When you pay this kind of close attention to the process of eating, you will leave the table feeling satisfied.

You will be able to identify times when you are drawn to emotionally eat.  You will learn skills to deal with emotional eating as you come to recognize what it is that you are truly hungering for in your life.
Mindful Eating for Life is a unique and comprehensive program using experiential learning and skills training for changing your relationship with food and developing a kind, compassionate relationship with yourself.

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Mindful Eating for Life

"Don't let a # on a scale determine your worth."

~ Cheryl Wasserman

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